Shot In the Recliner

Theater music.
Electronic and acoustic music.
31 performances, June to August 2000.

Shot In the Recliner – Or the Art of Camping is the latest part of the trilogy The Norwegian House by Per Roar and Gorgon productions. In The Norwegian House, the stereotypes are staged to go beyond the distancing of irony in search of the exotic in the known in the point of contact between fiction and reality.

Shot In the Recliner was made for five performers, two caravans, two cars, a two-person tent and karaoke. The performance had an interactive dramaturgy where the audience could choose between different karaoke songs, two storylines and five different final scenes. Shot In the Recliner took place on the radio on NRK P3, on the internet and live at campsites.

The music for Shot In the Recliner consisted of newly written music combined with well-known songs by artists such as Gro Anita Schønn, a-ha, Bronski Beat, Count Basie and Frank Sinatra. Where the songs often were part of the karaoke parts of the interactive dramaturgy, the newly written music had a more abstract character. In between these two types of music was new music based on Eurythmic’s song Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) from 1983. Fragments of this song were processed by analogue means through a Korg MS-20 synthesizer and thus created an intermediate position between the songs and the newly composed music.

The performance was played at campsites and parts of the newly written music were based on sounds from campsites, such as the sound of coffee makers. These sounds were processed and mixed together with acoustic musical instruments and in this way transformed into new sounds.

In addition to the performances at campsites, Shot In the Recliner was also performed on a city tour of six venues in Oslo and at Momentum – Nordic festival for contemporary art in Moss. The performance’s website was named the website of the year on in the category stage for the year 2000.

Shot In the Recliner was played 31 times at 30 different venues for a total of 6085 spectators from June 23 to August 25, 2000. Premiere: Larkollen camping, Moss. Duration: 60 minutes.

Shot In the Recliner was made with support from Norsk Kulturfond, Kassettavgiftsfondet, Komponistenes Vederlagsfond, If, Solifer, Domino AD, Møller US, Eurotek, Bobil og Caravan, and Color Scandi Line.

Idea, direction and choreography: Per Roar, performers: Kristin Hestad, Mikael Gøransson, Håkon Lin, Konrad Gabriel, Astrid E. Sæterøy, Elizabeth Göttsching Holter and Marie Louise Steffens, additional writing: Per Roar in collaboration with the performers and Sissel Drag, scenography, costume: Ebba Johansson, producer: Martin Døving, producer assistant: Kari-Amle Stenberg, music: Asbjørn Blokkum Flø, video: Bodil Furu, webmaster, preparation and video: Trygve Eikeland, web sketches and advice: Ingrid Lindberg, web consultant and photo: Håkon Styri, layout, poster and flyers: Dagfinn Sagen, layout, sponsor and PR: Maj Lindberg, drivers and tour production: Aleksei Podgorny and Ole Kristian Nordseth, sound: Martin Døving, technical assistant: Alf-Martin Lie, consultants for technical production and production: Martine Rød and Kirsten Thorseth Poppe, photo: K. B. Nøsterud, production manager: Per Roar.

Venues: Bogstad camping, Borre familiecamping, Ekeberg camping, Fjærholmen, Fredrikstad motell og camping, Furustranda, Granholmen camping, Haga vertshus, Homansberget camping, Jordal Amfi, Kjærstranda camping, Knattholmen, Larkollen camping, Lindesnes camping, Listranda camping, Marivold camping, Momentum, Moysand camping, Nes camping, Norberg fort, Nordisk caravantreff, Omlidstranda camping, Parkløkka, Roligheden camping, Sand bade- og campingplass, Sofienbergparken, Strømstad kai, Sørlandet camping, Tingsaker camping, TT Tønsberg, Tøyenparken, Vaterland Bro and Åros camping.

Thanks to the Døving family, Bodil Furu, Ingrid Lindberg, Norsk Caravan Club, Kirsten T. Poppe, Martine Rød, Kari Anne Stenberg, Håkon Styri and the Thorsnes family.

More about Shot In the Recliner:
Olsen, Nina K. 2000. Camping tatt på kornet (Norwegian only).

The music for Shot In the Recliner was recorded at the Norwegian Academy of Music in the year 2000.

Rolf Borch: Clarinet.
Asbjørn Blokkum Flø: Electronics.
Ole Henrik Moe: Saw.
Cathrine Nyheim: Percussion.