Electronic music.
7” vinyl released in august 2011.

In the tablet-woven bands from the Viking era, we can find the classic meander running dog. A series of contiguous open spirals form an infinite, wave-like pattern and appears as a maze in linear form. Similarly, the various textural threads in Klank are pulled through analogue, electronic audio circuits, forming a labyrinth of repeating sonic spirals laid out in time.

In the classic meander running dog, a series of contiguous open spirals form an infinite, wave-like pattern.

These sonic threads are pulled through filters, which then turns the spectrum, and thus shifts the tone colour. The positions of the sonic threads repeats themselves after a certain number of turns. By turning the filters individually, some forwards and some backwards, one can achieve complex auditory patterns related to the pattern we find in the running dog meander. The sonic threads that runs through the sound loom, may again have different tone colours, and together these threads form a string of sound. These strings are then bound together with a modulating sound, and we end up with a woven ribbon of sound.

Out of this intense, electronic sound web, sometimes points of harmonic material is crystallized. But this quickly disappears back into a mass of noisy, high-frequency energy. The return of the various sound ribbons follows the various turnings, and gives the sonic web a pulsating character.

The micro release Klank was released in August 2011, and is available on 7″ vinyl as well as streaming and digital download.