Early works

In the period 1992-1996 I wrote mainly instrumental music. The music was strongly influenced by John Cage and it is easy to hear traces of Cages Construction pieces in the piece for two percussionists or his Sonatas and Interlude in the piece for prepared piano and electric cello. At the time I was convinced that music did not need outside interference, such as titles, and therefore virtually all of the pieces are without a title.

1996 Untitled for feedback, metal plate and deep frequency traffic noise. 10 min.
1995 Jern og metall for industrial metal objects. 6 min.
1994 Untitled for organ, electric guitar and percussion. 5 min.
1994 Untitled for bass flute, bass clarinet, vibraphone and harp. 4 min.
1994 Untitled for clarinet solo. 3 min.
1994 Untitled for clarinet, flute, cello, marimba, percussion and piano. 7 min.
1993 Spirits of the dead for vocals, el. guitar, cello, perc. and synthesizer. 3 min.
1993 Untitled for piano and sampler. 15 min.
1993 Untitled for two percussionists with metal instruments. 6.5 min.
1993 Untitled for prepared piano and electric cello. 10 min.
1992 Untitled for flute and organ. 8 min.
1992 E = mc2. for piano, triangle, percussion and light. 17.5 min.