Electric Rain

Rain as a sonorous and climatic phenomena is the point of departure for the site specific sound installation Electric Rain. Water is essential for all life on earth, and rain is a central part of the circulation of water. Rain is the result of large climate systems, but is also a complex sound phenomena.

The auditive qualities of rain can seem arbitrary, but there are complex systems involved; the distribution of each drops position, size and quantity are some of the many elements that affect the sound of rain. In the installation the resonant properties of rain are explored through a large number of sound-objects.

The exhibition was produced by Atelier Nord ANX in collaboration with Ultima and Notam and opened September 6, 2018.


Klank - electronic music. text text text text text text.

I Guess I’ll Have To Dream The Rest - piano music.

Ragnarok - installation.text text text text text text.

Doppelgänger - installation.